Please take a moment to read through the information provided here as well as the targeted information provided via the links in this page and then certify that you’ve reviewed and understood the information by completing the Google Docs form at the bottom of this web-page.

Welcome to Southeast Asian Assistance Center (SAAC) as one of our On-Call Cultural & Linguistic Specialist Contractors!

You are not only a Cultural & Linguistic Specialist (interpreter) with SAAC but a contributing member of your ethnic community to help bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps that exist between service providers and limited English proficient members of your ethnic community.  The work that you do here will greatly help your own community.

This page has been created to provide you with reminders and answers to frequently asked questions.  You will see below various topics and links which will take you to more in-depth information on the corresponding topics.  If your questions are still unanswered, please feel free to contact Yang Xiong, Executive Director directly at or (916) 421-1036, ext. 305.

What are my job duties?

The full job description to your duties can be found by clicking here, however your two primary responsibilities are:

  • Provide interpretation and translation services to clients and providers of the Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services.  As a reminder, an important part of this service includes making reminder calls to the clients one day before the appointment.
  • Act as a cultural broker as needed when providing services.  Occasionally, situations may arise which may lead to misunderstandings due to cultural differences and beliefs.  In these situations, you will assist with clarifying cultural aspects of the the subject matter to bridge the gap for the client and the provider to prevent misunderstandings.

When do I get paid?

SAAC strives to compensate you for services rendered ASAP.  Currently, we will pay you twice a month:  at the end of the first pay period (1st – 15th) and at the end of the second pay period (16th – end of month).

In order to receive compensation per this timeline, we will need your completed signature forms to be turned in to SAAC on the same day or one day after you’ve provided services.  Please note that we need you to fully complete your forms.  In the past, as a courtesy, we have accepted even partially completed forms via simply a photo text of it.  However, it has now become necessary for us to no longer accept your submission via that route.

We now require that the completed form must either be physically turned in to SAAC or if you want to email it, you must first convert it into a CLEAN .pdf format.  If you have a scanner to scan your form into .pdf format, then please do so.  However, if you need a scanner, then you can simply install this free app (CamScanner) on your IOS or android device and use it to scan and convert your form into .pdf format.  This app has the ability to edit your image so that it is clear.  Follow this link to get the free app:  Once you have converted the form into a clean and clear .pdf format, you can text the scanned .pdf form to Harinder Sandhu, Operations Manager at (916) 490-6928 or email it to her at

If you hold on to your completed signature forms until the last day of the pay period before submitting them to SAAC, it will likely delay our ability to compensate you in a timely manner.  Also, if you did not fully complete the signature form, we will return the form to you to complete which will delay your payment.  Lastly, although it has not occurred, due to circumstances beyond our control, we occasionally may have to delay paying you per the timeline explained above.  Nevertheless, we strive to compensate your in a timely manner.


Depending on the type of appointment that you will be dispatched to, please take the appropriate form with you to be signed by the provider after you’ve provided the service.  Most of the time, you will be attending our Mental Health (MH) and Alcohol & Drug Services (ADS) appointments.  Occasionally, you will be asked to attend either a “Fee-For-Service” appointment or JRivera Associates appointment.

With the exception of the JRivera Associates appointments where you will be given customized forms to take with you, each link below will take you to download the corresponding signature form.

Scheduling Appointments

Because you are not a permanent SAAC employee and your contract is not with the providers or clients, you are not to be scheduling appointments directly with the providers.  All appointment requests by the providers and/or clients must be directed to SAAC.

Please click here to be taken to the appointment scheduling procedures that have been developed for both permanent staff and On-Call contractors.  Please review it in its entirety and then complete the form below.