COVID-19 Safety Measures at SCLC

Team SCLC is diligent at work providing the excellent services to it’s providers and clients during the shut down. Per Legislation (county and state) we are taking the safety measure and following the protocols in place, only to provide “on call” phone services between the provider and the clients.

We wish everyone safety, peace of mind and calmness as we continue to make ourselves available for our community and those in need. Please contact our Operations Manager Kym Wadsworth (916) 421-1036 to make appointments or if any questions you may have. Thank you.

Community Partnership and Collaboration with Resource Centers

Sacramento Cultural and Linguistic Center is greatly honored and take huge pride in gaining the partnership with the family resource centers in the area.

The Meadowview Family Resource Center agrees to provide free car seats, free diapers and free baby formula to those in need on a weekly basis from the SCLC location on 5625 24th Street Sacramento Ca 95822.

Elk Grove School Distract Refugee coordinators are collaborating with SCLC to facilitate them with resources and offer greater community support in Sacramento and as well as Elk Grove.

South Sacramento interfaith Partnership (SSIP) Food Closet is also another partnership that we are very proud of in facilitating them with the community resources through SCLC.

We are glad to announce that the Sacramento Regional Transit (Sac RT) will furnish us with the bus routes in multiple languages.

Delta Mercury Exposure Reduction Program (Delta MERP) – Fish Consumption Advisory Sign Posting Evaluation

The Southeast Asian Assistance Center (SAAC) is proud to announce our partnership with the Delta MERP – a collaborative effort of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, the Central Valley Water Quality Control Board, the Department of Water Resources, and the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment to reduce human exposure from eating contaminated fish.

The objective of Delta MERP is to raise public awareness to reduce risks of harm from consuming fish with high levels of mercury. SAAC will implement and analyze the responses to a survey designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Delta MERP fish consumption advisory signs that have been posted throughout the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

More information can be found at Delta MERP’s website (

CalFresh Outreach and Application Assistance Available at SAAC

In partnership with Sacramento Food Bank, Southeast Asian Assistance Center (SAAC) is happy to announce that we will be able to provide CalFresh outreach and application assistance effective this month of November 2018.  More information about this program can be found at this resource site:  This is a work in progress resource site.  As we receive more information, that web page will be updated accordingly.

We’ve also learned that beginning in the summer of 2019, SSI recipients will be eligible to apply for CalFresh as well.  Currently, SSI recipients are not eligible, but that will change.  If you know of family members and friends who may be able to benefit from this, feel free to refer them to SAAC for assistance.  Our phone number is (916) 421-1036 or you may email Yang Xiong at

Hmong Support Groups

Although SAAC currently supports community members mostly by going out to meet with them at the various county contracted mental health and alcohol and drug services agencies, SAAC had traditionally supported community members by having them come to our office.  Currently, once a month, SAAC hosts a free legal clinic in collaboration with Asian Law Caucus.  Also, on a drop in basis, SAAC continues to support community members who may require assistance with understanding certain letters from social services, social security, etc.

As an effort to expand our services, beginning August 10, 2017, we will start holding Hmong Support Groups from 9 AM – 11 AM at our office to be staffed by volunteers.  At these support groups, various topics relating to general health, mental health, naturalization, citizenship and other topics would be covered.  Community members can also bring paperworks that they need help understanding or completing.  Our volunteers will help free of charge.  Below is a public announcement in the Hmong language on these upcoming Hmong Support Groups.

Acts of Mercy

actsofmercyAt one point, either we ourselves or people who know were refugees or immigrants to this country. I can still recall when my family first arrived in the US as refugees in the early 1980s. We were much in need of help and support with anything from clothing to food and shelter. When we received the aid, it made a whole world of a difference. We were so thankful and happy to receive aid for our family to start a new life in America.

Currently, there is a collective community effort to collect donations in Sacramento to be given to refugees and those in need in the Sacramento area. SAAC has volunteered to be a place for donation collection. At SAAC, we can collect diapers, wipes, canned goods, toiletries, and paper goods (plates, spoons, etc.).

Please consider donating and get the word out to your families, friends, and networks. This Acts of Mercy effort will go through the end of the month.


Support AB 1726


Along with other advocates, SAAC provided comments in support of AB 1726 which would require the California Community Colleges, CSU and UC systems, and the California Departments of Public Health and Healthcare Services to disaggregate demographic data.