Shout Out To Team SCLC

Team SCLC working from home desks, and practicing safety measure when at the premises.

Per “Shelter in Place” order issued on March 29, 2020, SCLC is in compliance with the Federal and State laws and regulations during these tiring (Covid-19) times. We are currently providing our exceptional services via phone and virtually. Also we continue to offer resources and support to our community through social media connection while maintaining social distance.

As our staff works tirelessly and diligently, here is a little shout-out to our team;  Ms. Winnie Kwan, Mr. Atary Xiong, Ms. Maung Saechao, Mr. Steven Le, Ms. Nallely Lulo, Ms. Habiba Durani,  Mr. Andrey Amblov, Ms. Josie Vue , Mr. Larry Kohn , Ms. Marina Pavlov, Ms. Crystal Santiago, Mr. Mohammed Ali Haideri and Ms. Yvonne Wong-Takechi, and as well as to our greatly appreciated independent contractors. Also a big shout-out to the kind efforts of our financial consultant and accountant Mr. Craig Collins.

All of you continue to serve the community and the agency with utmost sincerity, diligence, and integrity whilst preserving agency’s goal and mission. Thank you to all staff for being on top of your appointments, translation work, data entry (coming in the office with masks, two/three at a time), the schedule keep up, zoom conferences and meetings, in some cases even working on weekends per providers’ request. Thank you for out doing yourselves albeit the hardship we all are enduring during the quarantine. I am honored and pleased to get great reviews and compliments from our providers and the community for your superb and exceptional services during Covid-19.

Keep Rocking Team SCLC.

In kind gratitude and appreciation,
Sadia Rajput
Executive Director SCLC