Acts of Mercy

actsofmercyAt one point, either we ourselves or people who know were refugees or immigrants to this country. I can still recall when my family first arrived in the US as refugees in the early 1980s. We were much in need of help and support with anything from clothing to food and shelter. When we received the aid, it made a whole world of a difference. We were so thankful and happy to receive aid for our family to start a new life in America.

Currently, there is a collective community effort to collect donations in Sacramento to be given to refugees and those in need in the Sacramento area. SAAC has volunteered to be a place for donation collection. At SAAC, we can collect diapers, wipes, canned goods, toiletries, and paper goods (plates, spoons, etc.).

Please consider donating and get the word out to your families, friends, and networks. This Acts of Mercy effort will go through the end of the month.